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We have been proudly serving clients throughout Nova Scotia for over three decades. 


Clean Water Specialists (originally R&S Clear Water Specialists) was founded in 1985 by Frederick (Rick) Swinamer. It was a humble operation in the early days - just one employee with a truck and some equipment. Simple as it was, Rick's knowledge and superior customer service brought customers back year after year, and eventually R&S started to grow into something bigger. 

35 years later, many things about our company have changed but our mission has not. We take pride in improving the quality of water for homeowners across Nova Scotia and providing caring, personalized customer service. Clean Water Specialists has remained a family business, passed down through three generations. When Tyler Giordani took over the business in 2020, he changed the name to Clean Water Specialists and refreshed the company branding.

We may have a different name and a modern look, but we stay true to our roots - providing expert knowledge and top-notch customer service to every client. 


Tyler started in the water industry at a young age.

I 100% recommend Clean Water Specialists if you need service with your water filtration systems! Tyler was very personable and professional. He talked me through what he was doing and what he was able to do down the road if we became interested and he provided the costs of everything up front. It was a very pleasant experience. You can’t go wrong!

- Amber W

Tyler showed up on time as we agreed for service call on my water softener. Took some time to explain some of the intricacies of how the machine operates and what the problem likely was. Tyler was an extremely knowledgeable and personable young man. Talked about parts and labor cost up front. I really felt I received excellent service for a very reasonable price.

- Kirby M

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